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Special services we can provide:
Alzheimer's and Dementia Care
Characterized by memory loss and a cognitive decline that interferes with daily life, dementia progressively weakens a person's thought processing ability, causing drastic changes in mood, behavior and memory.
Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia, affects close to 6 million people in North America. 
It can be helpful for the families of victims of dementia to know they are not alone. The demanding level of care required by someone with Alzheimer's or related dementia takes its toll on the caregiver. The prolonged and progressive nature of Alzheimer's can cause an individual to need constant assistance and supervision,  placing enormous strain on the caregiver; physically, emotionally and psychologically.
Wright's Home Care aides can relieve some of this pressure by offering respite to the family, or even full time care to those clients not living with family. Specific methods of care can help to manage the symptoms of dementia; maintaining routines and simplifying tasks while providing constant supervision and safety. These management strategies allow the client with dementia to enjoy as much participation and independence as possible, while allowing a family caregiver to have respite time without worry.
Our aides understand the dynamics of dementia, and are able to help reduce fear and confusion; they know how to provde a safer environment, guarding against wandering, and coping with violent behavior.
You can feel confident when are caregivers are with your loved one.
Arthritis Care
Naturally, an older body doesn't function the way it used to, given the wear and tear that takes place during one's lifetime. Yet having arthritis, common among those over 65, can cause debilitating problems.
Arthritis can mean serious chronic pain for those affected by this disease. This pain can limit activities and lower the quality of life.
Medication can help treat the symptoms, but adopting lifestyle changes can provide additional benefits to the way you live with arthritis. Regular moderate exercise and a balanced diet can help you feel better overall.
A person living with arthritis can benefit from caregiver support and encouragement in implementing these changes, as well as helping manage a doctor prescribed pain treatment plan. Seniors often have numerous prescriptions to take during the day. A caregiver can help with pain management, ensuring that those medications are taken to do their job in alleviating symptoms.
Loss of mobility doesn't have to mean loss of independence. Our caregivers arrive prepared to assist with activities of daily living such as household chores, dressing, bathing and errands. This support will allow you to reduce stress, fatigue, and over exertion that worsen pain.
Caregivers can also facilitate opportunities for exercise, such as going for a walk or taking a fitness class. Shopping for and preparing a nutritious diet can be a big help, too.
Diabetes Care
Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms seem harmless. But the long term effects of not diagnosing or treating the disease can result in devastating blindness, loss of limbs and even coma or death. Correct treatment and lifestyle changes can prevent or delay the onset of complications.
A caregiver can be an invaluable resource in the situation where the client needs help remembering to take medications, testing of blood glucose levels and preparing nutritious meals. Caregivers can also facilitate opportunities for exercise, helping control blood sugar levels.
If complications have developed, the caregiver can assist with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, household chores, shopping and errands, and transportation to medical appointments.

Alzheimer's, Dementia Care and Special Services