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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.  Who can you care for?
We can help anyone in their homes, or provide assistance in a variety of facilities.  During a stay at a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility, extra help may be needed for comfort, security and peace of mind.  Many of our clients are elderly and just need support in daily living. Some have Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other dideases. We can also help those who have been affected by a stroke or heart attack, or who have dementia.
Q.  What is the charge to visit me and help me organize my care plan?
A.  Our home visits and assessments are FREE OF CHARGE!! Just call to talk to our nurse; she will visit at your convenience and give you the information you want, as well as setting up a plan that works for you.
Q.  What kind of people do you hire?
A.  We hire Certified and Registered Nurses' Aides.  They have had a training and certification program,including CPR, and have a t least a year of experience caring for people.  Most of our aides have many years of experience in various facilities as well as private homes. They are licensed, bonded and insured.  They have fingerprint background checks, also.  You can feel confident when they help you in your home that you are safe and receiving the attention and care you deserve.
Q.  What can the aides do besides personal care?
A.  Our aides can do all types of chores that make life easier for you; they can cook and clean, do shopping and errands and take you to appointments.  They can do laundry and take care of pets.  If you wish to go out to a meal, to an activity, or to visit a friend, they can take you there.
Q.  Do they drive my car or theirs?
A.  They can do either, as you wish.  They are fully insured themselves and through the company, and must maintain a clean driving record.
Q.  Will I have the same caregiver every day?
A.  We emphasize consistency in our schedules.  They are made once a month and given to you, so you know what to expect.  You will have a main caregiver, who comes most days and knows you well.  You will also have a backup person, who will come less often, but who will know you and your routine, in case your main caregiver is ill or otherwise unable to work on a certain day. 
If you want help for many hours each day, you will have several aides who share the care and know how best to help you.
Q.  Is it possible to have help just during the hours I want and need the most?
A.  Yes! You are in control of every aspect of your care.  We will provide the help you need on your schedule, with an aide who is qualified to do the things you want.  And we will make sure it is someone you like, too!
Q.  Do I have to sign a contract for a certain number of days or weeks?
A.  No, you don't.  We work on your schedule; you may cancel a shift with a few hours notice, or you may ask for extra time if you need it.
Q.  How often do you send a bill?
A.  Once a month.
Q.  Does Medicare cover your services?
A.  No, it doesn't.
Q.  Do you bill insurance?
A.  Yes!  We will review your insurance policy with you, contact your insurance company to authorize service, and bill the company each month.  The insurance will pay their portion, and you will be responsible for any balance.
Our rates:
$26.50 per hour, weekdays, for a 3 hour or more visit.
$27.50 per hour, weekends, for a 3 hour or more visit.
Mileage is charged at .56 per mile
A flat rate of $28.00 per hour is charged for insurance cases, for visits of 3 hours or more.
Holidays are billed at one and a half times regular rates.
Holidays included are: New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
FAQs and Pricing